Meet Aliza Barber: The Private Life of Lance Barber’s Wife

Aliza Barber is the wife of Lance Barber, the actor best known for his role as George Cooper Sr. on the popular TV show “Young Sheldon.” 

Despite her husband’s fame, Aliza maintains a low profile and values her privacy. But you can catch a rare glimpse of her on Barber’s mother – Susan Barber’s Facebook.

Why Do Some People Think Zoe Perry is Lance Barber’s Wife?

Zoe Perry and Lance Barber
Zoe Perry and Lance Barber

Some people might mistake the actress Zoe Perry for Aliza Barber. Although Zoe Perry acts as the wife of Lance Barber on the television series “Young Sheldon”, she is not Lance’s spouse in reality.

Zoe Perry and Lance Barber are co-stars on the television series “Young Sheldon.” Zoe Perry plays Mary Cooper, the mother of Sheldon Cooper, while Lance Barber portrays George Cooper Sr., Sheldon’s father.

Their professional relationship is centered around their roles on the show, where they work closely together to depict the Cooper family dynamics. 

Aliza Barber’s Personal Life and Children

Lance Barber's Family
Lance Barber’s Family Image in 2011. The left is Lance Barber’s Mother – Susan Barber

The couple has two children. Their son, Arlen, was born in 2008, followed by their daughter, Edie, in 2011. The family resides in Los Angeles, where they enjoy a close-knit and supportive household

Aliza and Lance are dedicated to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for their children, ensuring they grow up with strong values and a sense of security. 

Aliza’s role as a mother is central to her life, and she takes great pride in nurturing and guiding her children.

Career as a Chef

Aliza Barber has made a name for herself in the culinary world. Her passion for cooking has driven her to pursue a career as a chef, where she has showcased her talent and creativity.

Aliza’s culinary skills are not just a profession but a reflection of her love for food and the joy it brings to others. Her dedication to her craft is evident in the delicious and innovative dishes she creates.

Other Ventures

In addition to her career as a chef, Aliza has explored various other professional avenues. She is an author, having written about her culinary experiences and shared her recipes with a broader audience. Aliza is also a speaker, often invited to share her insights on cooking and her journey in the culinary world.

Furthermore, she has ventured into entrepreneurship, demonstrating her ability to excel in multiple fields. These roles highlight her versatility and determination to succeed.

Privacy and Public Life

Aliza prefers to keep her family life out of the public eye. She is not active on social media, which allows her to focus on her family and career without the pressures of public scrutiny. As a result, it helps her maintain a sense of normalcy and protect her family’s privacy.

Supporting Lance Barber

Aliza is a pillar of support for Lance Barber. She stands by him in his acting career, providing encouragement and stability. Their strong relationship is built on mutual respect and love, which has helped them weather the ups and downs of life in the entertainment industry.

Aliza’s support has been instrumental in Lance’s success, allowing him to focus on his career while knowing he has a loving and supportive partner by his side.

Shared Values and Goals

Aliza and Lance share common values and goals, which have strengthened their bond. They prioritize family, value hard work, and believe in the importance of maintaining a balanced life. These shared values have helped them build a strong and lasting partnership, providing a solid foundation for their family.


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