DIY painted gift wrap

Three ideas for inexpensive, fun DIY giftwrap this week, starting with hand-painted fir and mistletoe wrap and fir toppers!

I took a roll of brown kraft paper and taped it to the floor (tape all around to avoid it curling and buckling when you paint it), and then randomly daubed strokes of different green acrylic paint colours across the surface;


Once the green was dry, I dipped the end of a wooden spoon into white paint and stamped out mistletoe berries randomly across the surface…


To make the gift-toppers, I twisted three pipe-cleaners together and pushed the ends into a wooden bead, to look like sprigs of fir;


If you make a bunch of these, they also look gorgeous strung as a garland (I’m going to drape mine over the mantlepiece in Harry’s bedroom)


p.s. one from the archives – whilst you’ve got your paints out, why not make a set of tonal spoons too to use during the holidays or give as gifts?



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