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A fun and quick DIY for Christmas Eve (with printable!)

DIY Christmas Eve wreath

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful comments about this year’s Fir Lady; she’s settling in wonderfully and has managed to retain the fullness of all of her skirts despite our raging central heating and log burner!  I have lots of pics to share of our home as it takes festive shape for the holidays, but whilst I gather them up into a sensible order here’s a quick DIY to plan for Christmas Eve if you have little people in the house… a wreath just for Rudolph and his reindeer friends!

Be warned though that you’ll have a job to do late on Christmas Eve because by the morning it definitely needs to look like this (don’t try this until you’ve renewed your dental insurance)…

Reindeer wreath on Christmas Morning


You’ll need a cardboard or wooden wreath form, strong glue (I used a hot glue gun) and a selection of veggies.  Simply arrange and glue them around the wreath, get your little person to fill out the tag and then hang or rest it in pride of place where the reindeer can find it.  Easy!

Two bizarre tips on technique;

  • If you’re using carrots, try to handpick them so you can choose similar lengths and girths (!).  I was lingering over my choices in the supermarket and holding two carrots up against each other for size when a woman stopped me to exclaim; ‘Goodness!! You MUST be a great cook to care about the exact dimensions of your carrots in recipes!’  Well quite.
  • Ensure your veggies are at room temperature before glueing them (I could never have imagined writing that line).  My first go, I took them straight out of the fridge and they all promptly fell off the wreath after 5 minutes.
  • When biting the end off the carrots at midnight after a glass or two of champagne, give the paper tag a good chew as well.  Reindeer are not very discriminatory.

Nail those, and the rest is simple.  You can find the printable below to download and customise; I printed mine out on brown kraft paper and strung with some festive ribbon.

Have a good week!

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Reindeer Wreath Tag from katescreativespace

A touch of Christmas magic….

Ok, I know I said I would be switching off for a Christmas break, but then I saw something rather magical and I had to briefly share.

Will you be leaving out a snack for the reindeer tomorrow evening, or do you know someone who will?  If so, here’s a sure-fire way of catching a glimpse of them when they arrive.  It’s your very own motion-activated video film, triggered by the skittering of hooves across the floor. Well, almost.

First, take a photo of your hearth or the place you’d usually leave out a plate of carrots.  Take it in the evening or under-expose the shot so it looks atmospherically gloomy and moonlit.  Here’s ours…


Now, upload your photo to here ( on a mobile device or iPad, and the app will carefully add rudolph and a plate of carrots and send you an authentically accurate mini-film of the moment Santa arrived in the night, to wow your children with on Christmas morning.  Like this…


Christmas magic, right there.

*Updated: it looks like this app may not work in all geographies; if anyone find a link from other countries please do post in the comments!*

Also, are you tracking Santa? He’ll be on his way soon…

Merry Christmas!

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Printable North Pole Telegram


On Christmas Eve, Harry will come down to breakfast to find a telegram from the North Pole wedged in the hearth, delivered by elf post from the big man himself.  ’Flying over tonight’ it says, together with instructions for how Harry should prepare…

North Pole Telegram in the Grate

We’re lucky enough to have a huge fireplace right next to the breakfast table, so I imagine it will catch Harry’s eye over the Cheerios and build the (already high) anticipation!

North Pole Telegram in the Hearth

I designed this based on pictures of old British and US telegrams, and then used the Traveling Typewriter font which you can download free here for the text. If you want to print and adapt one of these for the little people in your own life, I’ve added printable versions below; this first one just needs you to add the child’s name;

North Pole telegram 2013

And for the second one, I’ve left it blank so that you can add whatever text you like to customise.

Blank North Pole telegram 2013

When you’ve printed it, you can mount on cardstock (red would look lovely), or simply use pinking shears for a decorative postal edge.  If you don’t have a hearth, the doormat would be a perfect alternative…


Kate x

North Pole telegram 2013

Blank North Pole telegram 2013