A cheat’s guide to gingerbread decorating!

DIY gingerbread tree decorations using IKEA shapes!

This is a post for everyone who loves the fiddly, decorative bits of show-off baking but is less keen on the actual making; the measuring and sifting and mixing and timing and supervising and wiping down involved in  actual proper baking.  Instead, I whole-heartedly encourage you to cheat and to buy your cookies ready made and begging for you …
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DIY Vintage Kitchen Wreath (for the holidays and beyond!)

DIY Vintage Kitchen Wreath

Just completed, this has immediately become one of my favourite projects, not least because of the hunting and gathering involved!

A vintage-style culinary wreath, adorned with cookie cutters, wooden spoons, corks and whisks; pastry brushes, sieves, butter knives and fish moulds; lemon juicers, mushroom brushes, pie-toppers… you name it.  Basically; the contents of the junk bins of every charity shop I have passed …
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DIY Knitted Poppy for Armistice Day (and have you seen these amazing displays?)

DIY Remembrance Poppy

Have you seen the extraordinary wave of knitted poppies that are currently cascading from churches, castles and cathedrals up and down Britain as Armistice Day approaches?  Knitting clubs, crafters and the Royal British Legion have all combined forces in local communities to knit hundreds of thousands of poppies to commemorate those who died in World War 1, and it is utterly beautiful and …
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DIY Pom-Pom and Faux Succulent Wreath

DIY pom-pom and succulent wreath

It’s that time of year where the mornings start with a crisp chill and the colours shift almost imperceptibly from the warm, vibrant tones of autumn towards the cold, clear bright greens and whites of winter.  We have a new front door, and so wreaths are on my mind; in particular a show-stopper, oversized wreath that will last through the season …
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DIY Pumpkin Craft: The Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Pumpkin DIY

I’ve always loved pumpkins and pumpkin-carving.  Yesterday I was racing around the supermarket and saw a big display of inexpensive orange pumpkins, and a wheelbarrow of hundreds of tiny, palm-sized munchkins.  I loaded a few in and drove home, pondering what to do with them.  And then inspiration struck; in tribute to Harry Potter I would have a go at recreating Hedwig …
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A walk in the woods

Gilded acorn bowl from katescreativespace copy 2

Last weekend we decided to go on an impromptu walk in the woods before breakfast.  It was one of those beautiful crisp autumn mornings that starts with a chill in the air and shafts of brilliant, wintery light before becoming gloriously warm by noon.  We wore pyjama bottoms and hoodies (which came in handy, as you’ll see…), and felt …
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DIY Harry Potter Wooden Figure Set

DIY Harry Potter figures

It’s Harry’s birthday soon, and I wanted to make him something special.  Last year’s matryoshka woodland animals were a huge, if slow-burning hit; one winter’s night we repurposed them as worry-catchers; small animals to capture little worries, and big animals to capture the kind of worries that make it hard to fall asleep; one year on they …
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A Literary Prescription

The Literary Prescription Collection by KatesCreativeSpace

I love to give books as gifts.  For birthdays and Christmas of course, but also in the moments where words are not enough; a book can give comfort, provide solace, create energy and hope.  I decided at the weekend to create ‘prescription’ labels to give with some of my favourite book choices, thinking they’d also be great to give as …
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The simplest DIY dog collages!


Dogs, dogs, dogs!

Once in a while, the internet throws up something magical.  I was browsing Pinterest recently and came across a set of fabulous stencils designed for pumpkin carving by BHG.  Follow this link and it will show you magical pumpkins, alight with characterful faces of every dog breed imaginable, and free to download.  nb If you have any trouble accessing the original …
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Back to School

Sports Socks

It’s back to school in September, and so I am frantically assembling kit and sewing on endless nametags.  I made the mistake of ordering new name labels with a glass of wine in hand whilst watching the TV out of the corner of one eye, and so find I have ordered the actual lettering to be 1 inch high, in SHOUTY BOLD CAPS.  The …
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