DIY Origami Pocket Hearts for Valentine’s Day

DIY Valentines Day origami

Have you left Valentine’s planning to the very last minute?  if so, this is a project for you.

But actually, it’s just a really lovely simple origami make that’s fun to do any time of the year, and looks great whether you’ve made it with colourful paper, a square of newsprint or a page of your notebook.  The clever hearts create a secret pocket where you …
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The dream house renovation continues: with the smallest room in the house!

It’s been almost two years since I posted an update on our gradual house renovations – but a surprising and dramatic amount has been going on in the background!  We are now only a couple of weeks away from waving goodbye to builders, architects, decorators, planning officers and flood assessors (!), as we complete a remodelling of a large part of the house.  So, a few posts coming up with grand reveals, starting with …
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A little bit of everything.

So…. has the restorative power of the holiday break faded yet?  Does it feel like forever ago now?  I have been back at work since January 2nd and already Christmas is a distant memory.  The holidays were lovely though.  Christmas at home was a delight, with all of our usual traditions and some new ones too.  On Christmas Eve Santa sent a telegram and some pyjamas down the chimney, …
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A touch of Christmas magic….

Ok, I know I said I would be switching off for a Christmas break, but then I saw something rather magical and I had to briefly share.

Will you be leaving out a snack for the reindeer tomorrow evening, or do you know someone who will?  If so, here’s a sure-fire way of catching a glimpse of them when they arrive.  It’s your very own motion-activated video film, triggered by the skittering of hooves across …
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Preparing for Christmas Eve…

Kates Reindeer Food

Today’s my first day of holiday after hanging up my heels and briefcase last night and slipping, irrevocably, into pyjamas and a warm jumper.  If I have my way, I will wear very little else until New Year.

Harry and I have begun our Christmas preparations, starting most importantly with…. Reindeer Food!  We used glass test-tubes from a local craft store and then poured …
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The Fir Lady 2018

Kate's Fir Lady for 2018

The Fir Lady is back!

Regular followers will know that each year I build a Christmas fir lady from boughs of pine and whatever else is to hand; each year she has a slightly different character but always the same sweeping glamour and presence.  This year, we’re in the midst of building work (so exciting; I’ll post a tour of it all …
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Knitted mini-stockings!!

Knitted holiday mini-stockings from katescreativespaceThis year, Harry asked if his boys could have Christmas stockings too. ‘Just big enough for a little something’ he said, ‘so that they can be as excited as me on Christmas Eve’.

I quite liked the idea of mini-stockings, and figured that in the years ahead I could string them into …
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A Golden Snitch birthday cake!

Golden Snitch cake

It was Harry’s birthday this weekend, and I decided to make him a Harry Potter-themed Golden Snitch birthday cake.  For the cake itself I used Nigella Lawson’s fail-safe victoria sponge recipe, but any sponge cake recipe will do. I sandwiched it together with raspberry jam and then coated liberally with lemon-flavour buttercream icing.  And then for the fun bit…

I used Candy …
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