DIY Mixed Media Pebbles (to make or download!)

DIY mixed media pebbles

I love beachcombing; scanning the high tideline for driftwood, shells and sea glass and miscellaneous ocean treasure.  Mostly though I love the pebbles that you only tend to find at the beach; textured and marbled and shot through with unexpected colour.  Sometimes charred and raku-like in appearance if they’ve encountered a summer night firepit.  This week I had a go at recreating …
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Painting with Scissors (after Matisse!)

Seagull collage

Lately, Harry and I have been learning to paint with scissors; practising our collaging skills inspired not only by historical greats like Matisse, but also contemporary artists like the amazing Clover Robin.  I’ve always loved collaging, but previously have stuck to snipping up magazines and printed papers.  This time, we decided to paint our own papers to use as materials, ready to …
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Diagon Alley is finished! (what will we do with our glue gun now?!)

Cardboard Diagon Alley

After several lovely weekends of taping and painting cardboard boxes, and eating tubs of Pringles and yoghurt in order to release the containers for crafting, Harry and I are delighted to announce that DIAGON ALLEY IS NOW COMPLETE!!! Hurrah!

In addition to Gringotts, Potages Cauldron Shop and Olivander’s Wand Shop, we’ve now added….

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, …
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A Very Edible Easter

Are you hungry?  If so, this post is for you.  We’re making edible chocolate bird nests…

Chocolate birds nest adorned with fresh mint …housed in full-scale gingerbread birdhouses! gingerbread easter bird house

Let’s start with the nest. You’ll need;

  • dried vermicelli pasta (I know; trust me)
  • 200g chocolate – any kind, any format as long as you can melt it
  • to decorate; …
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A beautiful vintage archive for Easter…

Vintage rabbitFirstly thanks for all the wonderful comments and reactions to last week’s crafting post.  If you were inspired to have a go at making Diagon Alley, you can see our two latest shops here on Instagram (the street is coming to life!).

This week, a brief retreat to more sedate crafting; in celebration of spring and anticipation of the Easter weekend I’ve been …
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DIY World of Harry Potter – in cardboard!

Regular readers will know of our household obsession with Harry Potter, and also with cardboard.  Recently, Harry and I combined these two great passions by beginning to build the wizarding shopping street Diagon Alley out of cardboard recycled from local stores; swooping by and scooping up interesting-shaped boxes and crates and slowly turning them into magical stores, like….

Potages the Cauldron Shop!

Harry Potter before DIY
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Hola Sevilla! (How to spend 48 hours in Seville…)

Seville map by runningforcrayonsMy New Year’s promise to myself was to invest more of my time in my friendships this year.  With a demanding full-time job and a demanding full-time family deeply wonderful family, time with friends always seemed to drop off the list last-year, and I was determined to create a better balance…

So last weekend, I set off with three girlfriends for a long …
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Welcome to Harrytropolis!


Have you ever thought about how you’d design a city or town if you could start from scratch?  What would the houses look like and where would you pick to live?  By the river or by the parks? With other houses and neighbours or in splendid isolation?

Harry and I got to make some of these decisions a couple of weeks ago when we went to …
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A springtime welcome!

Springtime front porch

We’ve had an extraordinary weekend of sunshine where spring has whispered beguilingly that it is finally on its way. Frosty mornings, still – but mornings now with birdsong and shafts of sunlight piercing through the curtains (annoying and heartening in equal measure!).

It sparked me to give our brand new front door a springtime look, so we went for a foraging walk around the …
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