About Kate

This is a blog by someone who never grew out of making things from toilet rolls and papier maché; who cannot pass a craft store without diverting for a period of worship, and who has ideas way, way beyond her actual capability.

I’m Kate; a mum, a wife and a career woman who dabbles in many different things and doesn’t necessarily excel at any of them.  I decided in a fit of Champagne-fuelled determination on New Year’s Eve 2011 to document  a year of my many and diverse passions and projects in a blog.  Mostly for me and my young son Harry as a record of the fun we’ve had – a sort of rambling, visual love letter capturing the magic of these early years – but also as a way of reaching out to anyone who feels they must somehow be related to Martha Stewart, but perhaps were cruelly switched at birth…

By January 2013 I decided I was enjoying it so much that I would continue, and the blog became less of a project and more part of the rich fabric of life; I hope you in turn enjoy stopping by.

We have just begun restoring a big old house which is quietly falling down around our ears; if you lie quietly enough in bed at night you can hear the gentle rustle of plaster skittering to the floor and the chimney pots sinking ever lower.

If you’d like to get in touch (hello!) you can email me direct at [email protected] I do read everything and try to reply within a few days.

summer picnic


  1. smileysoyabean

    This is a gorgeous blog!
    Food and beautiful crafty things in the same place = heaven
    I look forward to seeing more :)

  2. Jill

    You are a great writer!

  3. stephanie

    Hi Kate,
    I love your blog! I look at all your projects and think “I’m going to try that!!!” (and I’m also convinced I am in some way related to Martha Stewart!) Look forward to reading more.
    Stephanie xxx

  4. Carrie

    Just found blogs! Have really enjoyed reading all your exploits with your son. Looking forward to your future projects. Fabulous kitchen makeover, dreamy… If only men understood the power of a gorgeous kitchen, ho hum!

  5. Helenmelon

    I must have spent a good half hour reading your blog posts. i’d say that you have excel in just about everything! I absolutely admire and envy your creativity and talent. Harry is one handsome, and very lucky boy! keep it up Kate.

  6. arzea

    Just started browsing your blog and i love it!

  7. thoughtsontheatre

    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous. So happy I happened upon it!

  8. lvbaby

    Lovely blog! Looking forward to reading more…

  9. thecircleofit

    i love your ‘story’…so sweet and a great blog….i too wonder if i was switched at birth…have you ever tried her maine pancakes? (i think thats what they are caled – think thick pancake in the oven with nutella) – YUM YUM!!!

  10. thecircleofit

    by the way….have you heard of http://www.ohhappyday.com? you will love it!!!!

    also…my friend has started a blog called fingers, toes and a snotty nose…its early stages but thought that as you are a mum you might like it xxx

    • Kate

      I haven’t, but now I will! Thanks for the lovely comment and recommendations…a delicious eve of web surfing with a glass of wine in hand is called for, me thinks..

  11. Claire

    Greetings from Connecticut USA!! Your talent & creative genius outshines any marthas out there!
    Love your writing- now go write a book!

    • Kate

      Claire, you really know how to make someone’s day (especially a gloomy Monday!) – thank you so much, you made me beam! Now, if only you were a book publisher you’d be perfect….

  12. ripepapaya

    Just read through the last six months, and feel overwhelmed with inspiration. You now have a fan in the British Virgin Islands!

    • Kate

      Thank you so much! You definitely win the inaugral Glam Fan award ;-)

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