She’s back!  The Fir Lady has come in from the cold for the festive season, this year swathed in a hooded hessian robe and accompanied by six white geese (six geese a-laying!).

Every year the Fir Lady has a different costume (see here, here and here!), and this year I wanted to focus on two things; sustainability – meaning that her firs are all sourced from our garden and her accesories all either foraged or repurposed, and secondly a folk art theme, hence the geese. And oh, the geese…

I cast the geese in plaster-of-Paris bandages; the kind used for broken arms and legs.  It sets wonderfully quickly, even in freezing cold weather, and I use it for so many things, like my giant Odd Eggs and hot air balloons – even the moon.  Once I had a flock of geese forms, I lined them up in the kitchen with a glass of wine and had a marathon face-painting session;

For the Fir Lady’s cape, I used a length of hessian and a separate piece for her hood.  The rim is stuffed with rolled-up newspaper and the cape is held together with a length of old rope that I cut and plaited, before hand-stitching it together with giant wooden buttons.

And at her waist; a length of snow-speckld burlap riboon with an accent of dried limes and faux eucalyptus salvaged from an old wreath.

So here she is, in all her glory!  After taking these photos I moved her (very carefully and slowly, shedding needles at every step…) into a corner of our hallway and bedecked her with a cascading skirt of tiny fairylights.  I’ll share some further pics along with other decorating accents in the days ahead.  But for now the woods are calling; we’ve had a first sprinkling of snow and I can’t wait to get outdoors!

Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing