Happy New Year!! And may 2022 be a year of wonderful things ahead… I hope you had a lovely time over the holiday season and managed (like us) to play Omicron dodgeball and stay safe and well.  To ward off any impending January-blues; here’s a simple and lovely project to try.

It was my Dad’s birthday last week, so Harry and I made him a tray for his coffee (and after dark, his cocktails), by painting a basic art-store wooden palette in vibrant swirls of acrylic paint.

We picked a handful of complementary colours (blues and greens here, but you could choose any colour – or every colour!), and dabbed and swirled.  Key is to let the colours dry in between applying new ones to avoid a muddy blur of colour.  With a ‘real’ palette of oil paint that would be less of an issue, but they’d take an age to dry, so use acrylic or poster paint for this project.

More is more here, so keep applying layers and colours over and over for maximum impact.  When all the layers are dry, paint on a layer of satin varnish to seal the tray and maintain the vibrancy of the colours underneath.

The tray will be fully wipeable, but avoid immersing it in the sink or dishwasher.  I liked ours so much that I’ve commissioned Harry to make me one this weekend that I can keep 🙂

Supplies and ideas:

  • Inexpensive blank palettes like these and these are found in most craft and art stores
  • I love Pebeo acrylics for the vibrant colours
  • You could also hot-glue (or screw) cupboard handles to the top of the palette at either side for ease of carrying

….Have a lovely weekend when it comes, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.