Early in lockdown last year, I tackled my first ever pair of pyjama bottoms.  They were for Harry and were the most simple pair it was possible to sew, with no adornments and a foldover waistband.  He adored them, before sheepishly appearing at our bedroom door two nights later to announce one leg had become entirely detached from the other.  ‘I just looked at them and it fell off’ he said, alarmed.

Since then my sewing skills have improved substantially, as has my appetite for pattern tweaks, piping and custom labels…and I’ve even made some for myself.  Several pairs in fact, because lockdown has been VERY LONG INDEED.  We felt the need to model these exuberantly for this post despite having no gymnastic flair whatsoever, either individually or combined.  So let me show you our gallery, starting with…

*drumroll please*

Harry’s catwalk pyjamas, here modelled with actual cats.  These are made with Lady McElroy fabric and ivory piping at the cuff and waistband.  But they’re not as cool as…

My flying crane PJ bottoms, made with this fabric and pink piping!

I love these, they make me happy just wearing them…

I’m envious of harry’s favourite bottoms which are made of a beautiful damselfly fabric with snazzy piping.  I covet them and will make myself a pair once he’s safely grown out of them and isn’t mortified by the thought of us having matching PJs.

Not long now I’m thinking 🙂

In the meantime I’m wearing my mysterious faces pyjamas (another Lady McElroy cotton lawn fabric);

…and alternating them with Japanese parasols!

Ok, enough now I know.  Whilst I get my breath back, a few details…

  • Surprisingly, these are all made from just a single pattern; a unisex Simplicity 1504 design for both juniors and adults.  I’m not yet competent enough to attempt the pyjama top so we’re living in bottoms and t-shirts, but the fit is wonderfully adaptable as you see here; I taper the legs a bit for mine.
  • For piping, I shop at the lovely online store Higgs & Higgs, and have used practically every colour they stock.  I keep odd lengths in a bag and pull them out whenever I’m starting a new project to see what matches (or clashes!)

  • I love using these custom labels with fabulous phrases; I began adding them to help Harry spot the back from the front, but in truth I love them too.  They have some wickedly lovely Sweary labels as well as my favourite ‘Bespoke’… and they even have a label ADVENT CALENDAR coming soon!  Be still my beating heart..

  • For fabrics I love the lady McElroy cotton lawns, but also tend to pick up 1.5m of anything lovely I come across – just enough for a pair for me, or more than enough for Harry.  My husband has so far proven resistant to the idea of new pyjamas, preferring his 20yr old threadbare pair.  I’d love any suggestions you have for great dressmaking fabrics – the brighter and quirkier the better (and maybe I’ll even convert him).

I am rather missing the days when I could wear pyjamas all day long and no-one would know… whilst Harry’s still embracing the right to do just that for a few more days before the new school year begins.

(He’s wearing PJ bottoms made with the turtle fabric I used remnants of here 🙂

Have a wonderful week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!