World Book Day was on March 4th this year, but schools re-opened in the UK this week so Harry’s school is celebrating on Friday – and Harry’s going as Fantastic Mr Fox!  He’s been a Roald Dahl fan for years, and was also swayed by the notion of a costume that would look really cool on arrival into the classroom, but then be very comfortable for the rest of the day (‘I can take the mask off and just chill..’).  I think he was remembering vividly the experience of showing up as Phinneas Fogg and requiring two extra seats all day to accommodate his hot air balloon 🙂

I’m embracing these last few years of being able to plan outfits together; Harry has always been a fan of a good costume, from a very early age, be it cowboys…

or self-propelled flight in the manner of Icarus

Or Darth Vader, complete with TIE fighter plane..

I’m hoping we can still squeeze a couple more years of costumes in.  But World Book Day doesn’t have to be just for kids; one of my friends in America revealed that everyone in her book group draws out a name and sends each other a new book in the mail on WBD; a little treat to enjoy.  It seemed like such a lovely idea!

I’m coming to the end of my pile of Christmas books and have loved each and every one.  I can’t recommend highly enough Hungry by Grace Dent, The Mission House by Carys Davies and the totally unique Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers.  I’m also loving working through poetry collections by the new-to-me authors you suggested here; Billy Collins was a revelation, and The Lost Spells is beautiful.

Which book would you send to a friend in the post, and what one would you love to receive?