Did you have a lovely Christmas, despite all the challenges?  We did… a low-key, pyjama-led affair where we practiced the art of Hygge, Zooming in and out with friends and family around the world as the day unravelled.

In this even-quieter interval between Christmas and New Year, we’ve been enjoying our Christmas gifts and penning thank-you notes.  To make it fun, I set a challenge for me and Harry; we had to make REALLY QUICK collaged pictures of our favourite gifts, which we turned into cards to send.  I received some lovely books (above and below), which are stacked on my bedside and waiting to be cracked open and relished…

My best friend in America send me a beautiful charcoal-and-hot-pink scarf and hat set that I have barely taken off since 25th, so delicious does it feel…

A surprise gift from friends greeted us on Christmas Eve; a giant box of donuts balanced on the gatepost – I only managed to collage the last four (raspberry, banoffee, fudge and chocolate) …and even they went within minutes of the glue drying.

…and a winter bouquet of hellebores, lilies and greenery, represented in miniature below.

The cards were fun to make and I hope will also be a treat to receive!  I gathered up lots of old magazines and painted papers, scissors and glue pens, and with good music on the radio and donut rewards, it easily whiled away a rather grey and gloomy afternoon.  The trick is not to aim for perfection or even accuracy, but just to have fun.

For collage projects I like to use…

  • Matte magazines pages and homemade painted papers, as here (the wonderful Clover Robin is a great inspiration, and her book ‘Cut Paper Pictures’ is a gem if you’re feeling crafty).
  • These glue pens, with a fine rollerball nib; very sticky but incredibly neat!
  • Posca pens for adding detail, like the highlights on the scarf above and the vibrant yellow pollen on the hellebores

Whatever you’re doing for New Year, I hope you have a lovely one.  We’re planning to make and share our New Year resolutions over dinner, use flying wish paper to send our hopes for 2021 into the skies, and then try our best to stay up to midnight when our neighbours are having fireworks.  We’re in lockdown like so many, so the whole street is planning to join in by standing in our gardens and raising a toast across the fences and gates.

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year.  2021, you’ve been a long time coming! 🙂