For Santa tonight;

A bowl-shaped glass of sherry, because after a year like this a man needs something bracing to warm his bones and milk is just not going to cut it.

Rainbow Chantenay carrots, because this has surely been the year of rainbows.  Also because after 10yrs of gnawing away at giant root veg at midnight on behalf of Rudolph, I’m lowering my ambitions.

Mince pies dusted with sugar, big enough to satisfy but not so weighty as to jeopardise his onward flight

Hand sanitiser. Because running the taps and singing Happy Birthday twice in his booming, off-key baritone would be guaranteed to wake the whole household.

Have a wonderful holiday break and thanks for your company this year, and the lovely comments, emails, sharing of projects and sense of community; I’ve loved every minute of it.  Here’s to much more (and brighter times ahead) in 2021!

Stay safe and well.