Longtime readers will know that every year, Harry makes our family Christmas cards.  We set aside an afternoon, create a festive playlist and layout enough snacks to sustain us… and away we go.  This year he made ‘holiday palette’ cards, choosing all the colours of Christmas and daubing them onto a cut-out paper artist’s palette before labelling them.  The most fun part was seeing the colours he picked and associations he made, which included….

  • Mrs Clause’s cheeks (candy pink)
  • Reindeer poo (uh…brown)
  • Santa’s buttons (gold)
  • Coal, for naughty children (black)
  • Santa’s beard (white)
  • North pole ice (ice blue)
  • Clementines (bright orange)
  • The North Star (yellow)
  • Mistletoe (bright green)
  • …and more!

My job was cutting out the paper palettes – I drew one on kraft paper and used it as the template for the others.  I smudged a brown crayon around the edges to create the shading effect.  We glued them onto blank white cards – and then Harry did all the rest!  He used vibrant acrylic paints and daubed a generous circle of each colour around the palettes; it takes a few hours to dry but gives a lovely textured effect so that each recipient is in no doubt that their artwork is an original masterpiece šŸ™‚

As a final touch, we scanned and copied Harry’s original checklist and pasted it as an insert into each card.

This would be a great project to do with the little people in your life (not necessarily as cards; you could make a gorgeous single picture!) – but is also a thoroughly grown-up activity too.  You could decorate sheets of kraft paper in this way to make giftwrap or tags, and personalise the colours for family members and friends (‘Granny’s cheeks after a glass of mulled wine’, perhaps?).  Endless fun…

Here’s what we used…

  • Square white card blanks
  • Kraft paper for the ‘wooden palettes’ – I drew the shape freehand and then we cut these out and used a gluestick to attach them
  • Acrylic or poster paint for the colours
  • Black pen for the descriptions (we love V7 pens)

ps Harry’s cards from the archives….

Tissue paper luminaries (2016)

Hand-painted reindeer (2017)

Button Christmas trees (2013)

Reindeer Handprint cards (2012 – he was so little!)

Finally…. thanks for all the wonderful comments on this year’s Fir Lady; I LOVED reading them; it reminded me what a lovely community we have here and how grateful I am.

More soon…