She’s arrived!

This year’s fir lady for the first time is entirely foraged from our garden and the surrounding woodlands; she looks rather more feminine and lighter than in previous years, bejewelled with dried allium heads and hedera berries.

Ever fashion, forward, this year she sports a capelet of eucalyptus, dried poppy seed heads (hand-painted with shades of pale blue and purple) and sprigs of bay.

To build her, I gave her a base of fir branches and then added long boughs of eucalyptus and some ivy, with the help of my ever-present feline assistant…

This year I grew gorgeous plate-sized purple alliums and dried the stems afterwards (remember these?)

For the fir lady I sprayed them with pale blue florist’s spray and then scattered them amongst her skirts.  They stick to anything so hang beautifully without assistance!

So here she is, in pride of place in the hallway; I’ll add hundreds of tiny white pealights this week for added festive flair.  The smell of fresh eucalyptus and pine as you walk by is intoxicating!

ps The Fir Lady through the years, in case you missed her….

2019 saw her rise from the forest floor and by adorned by all the tiny woodland creatures…

In 2018 she was elegant and refined and offered shelter for birds in her skirts

In 2017 she wore a hessian shawl, had a buxom shape and was decorated with dried limes, pine cones and strings of light;

In 2016 she was elegant and regal in military red, with gifts piled high amidst her skirt folds

In 2015 she wore a vibrant corset belt and a scattering of stars…

And in 2014 she rocked a 1960’s look; the first and last year she went above the knee 🙂

Have a very good week; stay safe and take great care.  I’ll see you back here in a few days with a final flurry of festive projects!