Did you have a good Christmas?  Ours was lovely; one of those miraculous years where no-one got sick, no-one argued, no-one’s flight/train was cancelled and nothing broke down in the house (one of the legacies of living in a beautiful-but-ancient house is we’ve spent far too many Christmas times without hot water or central heating, or with an oven switching itself on and off at random.  Not this year, thank goodness). Peace and joy and loveliness and far too much food, just as it should be.

And now the lull; the delicious period between the festivities and the start of a new year (new decade, even!).  I love this time; the pottering around and having to think hard what day of the week it is.  I’m enjoying the free-wheeling feeling of having no commitments and lots of relaxed time; even chores become fun – Harry and I dismantled the fir lady yesterday and stuffed her branches into sacks for winter kindling once the freezing weather comes.  We decorated them with sweeps and strokes of paint so they look gorgeous and will add a touch of fun to the log pile…

Save Christmas tree branches for the fireIMG_0205

I also made some thank-you cards using bits and bobs from my craft drawer; I cut up a deluxe paint chart and glued tonal strips to some bifold and trifold blank cards, and then added a ‘gratitude’ motif and wax seal.  We made lattes and hot chocolate yesterday and sat around the kitchen table filling them all in.

Paint chip thank you cards

I cut up the pages of a Waitrose supermarket magazine to make fun envelope liners too (trace the shape of your envelope with tracing paper or baking paper – anything see-through – and then use it as a template).

DIY envelope linersIMG_0145_2 IMG_0191

Happy New Year when it comes!

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