Snowflake gingerbread Christmas cake

So here we are; it’s nearly Christmas.  I hope by now you’re through the frenzy of last-minute shopping and work and the hustle and bustle of prep and are ready to unwind and relax.  I’ve been baking and preparing for Christmas Eve; we have a huge, overflowing houseful of family arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait.  Two quick things to share before they do, both of which you just have time to try if you want to…

My alternative Christmas cake is not the heavy, fruit-laden traditional cake (though I love that too), but instead a Victoria sponge, constructed in two tiers and frosted with buttercream.  What makes it a little special are the gingerbread snowflake flurries adorning it, pressed lightly into the buttercream once assembled.  The stars are made with a basic gingerbread recipe and multiple cookie cutters; I then used my best steady-hand technique to pipe them with icing and add tiny gold and copper balls as accents!


As Christmas Eve approaches I’ve been preparing the annual telegram from Santa Claus (Harry is still a fervent Believer; or at least is canny enough not to be an overt cynic, lest this result in an empty stocking…), and Harry’s been making a wreath for the reindeer.  For his stocking on Christmas morning, I’ve given Santa a hand and wrapped a few carefully-chosen gifts; this year I am continuing our eco-conscious theme and have wrapped them in pieces of linen cut from an old, holey tablecloth – it was lovely to be able to repurpose it, and with a few tags and some leather cording to tie, they look pretty authentically North Pole-originated!


They include a horn capable of summoning huskies, a notebook for capturing magical thoughts, pillow spray for sweet dreams and two eternal favourites and traditions; a box of Lego and a pair of animals for the ark.


And with that, we’re almost ready!


I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, exciting new decade! Thanks so much for reading and for all of your comments through this year; it’s been wonderful.

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