How is your month going, are you ready for Christmas?

I’m not – not at all in fact, but with just a couple more days at work before I finish for the year the end is in sight.  I’ve been spending a few minutes each evening pottering around the house getting it ready for the holidays; here’s a few pics if you’d like to see…


The new porch is part of the extension we  finished this year, and it’s been wonderful to finally dress it up!  The bay trees each now have a majestic 300 tiny fairy lights woven through their branches, and the stone dogs bear their usual festive hats and collars (made with tree baubles strung on ribbon and pinned into place at the rear).


For the front door I made an oversized wreath using a basic faux pine wreath form and then weaving through branches of bay, eucalyptus, olive and ivy, adding sprays of wintery berries at intervals to produce an exuberant and untamed circle of foliage!  It’s mounted high enough not to behead unwary visitors, but makes an impressive decorative impact from afar


The new hallway is bright and contemporary compared to other parts of the house; an oversized roof lantern bathes it in light and gives it a gallery-like feel, so I’ve gone for an understated look, adding just a couple of decorations, a leftover autumnal allium seed-head and a pair of vintage clogs waiting to be filled with tiny gifts on Christmas Eve (a Scandinavian tradition I’ve always loved).


Just in shot here you can see my favourite new display; I dragged in a fallen tree branch, sprayed it lightly with snow spray and then suspended it from the roof lantern, stringing baubles to hang and spin in the light and gentle breeze from the door.  It’s devilishly hard to photograph but I’ll keep on trying…


IMG_9500_2 IMG_9517

At the far end of the hallway stands my bike, temporarily repurposed as a sleigh-like delivery bicycle, laden with wrapped gifts and parcels, bouquets and even a tiny Christmas tree


In the kitchen, tiny silver baubles adorn the (faux) points of our resident antlers;

IMG_9710 IMG_9703

And more hang in the branches of a potted olive tree I’ve temporarily brought in from the garden (giving it a few days to acclimatise in the porch)

Potted olive tree with tiny silver baubles

I was so busy adding small touches that I didn’t notice someone else had been equally occupied adorning their own front door; Marco the house fairy has bedecked his home in the finest possible style.

Fairy house in the skirting boards


More pics to follow as the house takes shape, including the Fir lady in her final glorious position. Also later this week a few eco-ideas for DIY giftwrapping (messy but wonderful – remember this post?!)

Have a wonderful week

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