DIY Holiday Collaged Wreath

Here’s a lovely project to start that you can spend a few minutes on each day, creating something beautiful very quickly.  This paper collaged holiday wreath will look gorgeous framed in a simple box frame, but you can also just photograph it when you’re done and use it for Christmas cards (mine are being printed currently!)   Start making your wreath on a tray or in an area where you won’t have to move it around constantly, and keep an eye out as you go through the mail and sort through old magazine for interesting pieces of paper to snip and save to use.

I have a drawer full of painted papers that I make for collaging, and raided them to make the leaves for my wreath, adding veins with coloured pencils;


For the pine cones I cut a base of brown paper (floorboards in a design mag) and added little diamonds of contrasting shades for its texture;


The nordic fir branches were made by cutting tiny snips of coloured paper and glueing them along a paper ‘spine’…

DIY paper collage fir sprig


My rosehips were made from painted tissue paper, giving them an ethereal glow and transparency;


paper collage rosehips

The hellebores were the most complex, with petals cut from painted white paper, dotted with yellow pen (I use the Posca brand) and with green stamens added; fiddly but worth it!

Paper collage winter role

Very soon you’ll have a page full of festive bits and pieces ready to arrange…

wreath components


Play around with different formations until you get the shape you want; you can see me bringing mine to life here!

DIY Holiday paper wreath


Once you’ve got the shape you want, you can glue all the pieces into place. I find that pinpoint/rollerball glue pens are ideal for this kind of collaging; they are very precise and dry fast, which is exactly what you need!

Happy snipping, sticking and arranging….  p.s. other collage ideas here, here and here

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