My seldom-used sewing machine has been sitting on the kitchen table all week, leftover from hemming my constellation quilt.  Last night, I decide to experiment with stitching together pieces of paper to see what happened…


Before long I had a table-top full of stitched forms and vessels that look fragile and beautiful and chiselled and rough and somehow all the more lovely for being a collection.  They won’t last forever but they’ll certainly last a while – and when the sun shines behind them they’re stunning.


For some I cut strips of paper (handmade papers, marbled paper and leftover bits of card) and then stitched them into rows before running up into a tube.  With a little tweaking and arranging, the soft papers together take form and stand like a vase.  You can then place an empty drinking glass inside the tube and add any botanical accents you want for added impact (these allium seed heads from the garden are my current favourite!)


IMG_8281Paper Vessels from katescreativespace

For this collection below I hand-drew a rough vase shape and cut sets of 3 or 4 out of painted kraft paper and leftover wallpaper pieces, before stitching them together.


My favourite is this wide organic vase that looks a little like a garlic bulb, or a sea urchin or a gourd.  To make it I hand-tore a piece of paper intro strips and then loosely stitched them together, drawing in the tops and bottoms as I sewed to create the soft curve of the walls

DIY stitched paper bulb vase


For my collection I used pretty much all the different paper types I had lying around, playing with combinations and structures.  It’s worth trying shapes out on cheap copy paper first if you want to preserve your ‘best’ paper till you’ve got it right… but really anything goes here – these are anything but precise.  I used a simple running stitch for all the seams and joins, and used a pale grey thread throughout (it was what was threaded up in the machine when I began!).

Have a wonderful weekend when it comes!

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