Longtime followers will remember that last summer I set Harry a fun project to fill some of the endless hours of summer; to draw my shoe collection.  Initially the lure was the earnings potential (£1 pocket money for every good drawing), but soon the enjoyment took over.  We both loved the results.

This summer’s challenge is for Harry to make out of paper collage all of the items we usually buy at the supermarket.  The results so far are very wonderful …

Collaged fish

‘I would not actually eat this fish’ said Harry very firmly. ‘But it was fun to make’.  Instructions from the artist for all of these below;

‘For the fish we painted a sheet of paper with blues and spattered white paint.  When it is dry I drew a fish shape and cut it out.  To make the belly white you can rub some chalk in, and use a white pen for the scales and a blue pen for the fins.  The fins are really hard to cut but important.  Stick the side fin and tiny eyes on .  I like eating fish but not ones with heads still on’.DIY fish

DIY paper broccoli

‘Mum says I used to love broccoli when I was small but I don’t now.  The person who does the most in our family is my hamster Nibbles.  To make this you have to cut big circles out of lots of different green colours and glue them together like a tree.  Magazines have good pictures in them to use.  The trunk is made from a map page painted green.’broccoli

DIY paper milk cartonScreen Shot 2019-07-29 at 08.53.38

‘Mum cut out the milk carton shape and then I made the label.  If you do drink milk like this you have to remember to actually take the lid off before you try and put the straw in, not like in this picture.’

DIY paper grapesIMG_7105IMG_7387

‘Grapes are fun but really tiny so they’re tricky to make!  I drew around a button to make all the circles and then cut them each out and made a bunch shape.  The leaves are fun; once you cut the shape you can draw on them with pens to make the veins.  That’s how leaves get their water supply’.

paper collage lemon

‘Mum buys lemons a lot but often they are just in the fruit bowl going all wrinkly and tough.  These are the easiest to make.  You can use a sponge with white paint to show where the sunlight catches them, and then yellow and brown dots for shadow.  Use your leftover paper to make a small leaf’.

paper collage croissant

‘This is how French people eat their croissants.  They dip them in coffee or hot chocolate.  This is the face you have to make when you’re concentrating hard on dipping’.

DIY cardboard pizzaIMG_7389

 ‘This was the hardest to make but also my favourite!  I love pizza and I liked making this.  We found a tutorial and followed it and made some of our own ideas too.  The leaves were easy because you just cut them out and fold them in half for the vein.  The onions are made with tracing paper cut out into a ring (I folded it in half to cut it out to make it easier) and then striped with white pen.  It makes me want to eat this’.

Great job Harry!

I’ve scanned each finished item and am thinking this would look lovely printed onto a canvas shopping tote bag or a tea-towel… all ideas welcome!

Shopping List Art Project

Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

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