Kate's Fir Lady for 2018

The Fir Lady is back!

Regular followers will know that each year I build a Christmas fir lady from boughs of pine and whatever else is to hand; each year she has a slightly different character but always the same sweeping glamour and presence.  This year, we’re in the midst of building work (so exciting; I’ll post a tour of it all in January :-) ), so I’ve built her in what will soon be a brand new orangery.  For now though it’s an empty, gallery-like space that harnesses the weak winter light and gives her an ethereal glow for most of the day.

She’s a little more elaborate than in previous years.  Here’s the story behind her costume…

I have a 1950′s dress form that I use for her.  Usually I wrap the bodice in hessian or a give her a berry-red jacket to wear, but this year I wrapped her in cling-film (bear with me; it’s nothing Fifty Shades..) and then used plaster bandages to create a solid corset around her.

fir lady bodice

I then tacked strips of flexible birch all around the shape to make a wintery forest-like corset (I was tempted to try it on myself; can you imagine rocking up at a holiday party in this?).

fir lady in progress

When I’d finished, I tucked a length of pheasant-feather trim along the top of the bodice, for added seasonal flair;

IMG_3347Once she was in place, I began wiring branches of fir to form her skirts, shaping and trimming as I went to get the right shape..

fir lady being built

and then the accessorising; this year with dried limes strung like baubles, pine cones tucked in amongst the branches and also tiny wooden birdhouses so that the garden birds can come and go and live in her skirts…IMG_3815kate's christmas fir lady

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing; we’ll be decorating the house now that the builders have hung up their paintbrushes and downed-tools for the holidays… more pictures to follow!

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