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March 8th is World Book Day, and everyone in Harry’s school is allowed to dress up.  Fortunately at the grand old age of 8, Harry still loves the opportunity to dress up (remember Star Wars?), so we spent Saturday rummaging through our loft and local charity shops to create Phileas Fogg, complete with hot air balloon and basket ..and seagull!  Here’s what we did.

For the basket we used:

  • A willow Christmas tree skirt from the loft (a cardboard box would work well too)
  • Two belts to act as straps, attached with cable ties to the wicker (alternatively use lengths of cord or a pair of braces if you have them)
  • Spare curtain rings, attached with cable ties again
  • Tasselled curtain tie-backs from the fabric bin at a local charity shop; any kind of rope will do
  • White balloons for sandbags, with the front ones tucked into paper bags stencilled ’50kg’

Hot air balloon costume elements

And for the balloonist and adventurer himself…

Phileas Fogg Costume from Kates Creative Space

  • A brown jacket and trousers from Harry’s existing wardrobe
  • My favourite umbrella, from here
  • Binoculars, a toybox top hat and flying goggles (really, we could supply a costume store with the amount of accessories we have collected over the years…)
  • A fake seagull from (try also
  • A self-adhesive moustache, that left a rash for 2hrs afterwards (try using liquid eyeliner instead; we did that the second time!)
  • and not strictly part of the outfit, but just because we both love them… these socks!

Phileas Fogg costume ideas

Happy World Book Day for March 8th!

p.s. talking of books, thanks again for all the great suggestions here; I took two of them on a work trip to the US last week and they made the long flight a treat rather than a chore

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