Origami Birthday CrownsIt’s Harry’s birthday  soon, and it seems to me very important that at breakfast-time he should get to wear a crown (because if you can’t be a king on your birthday, when can you?).

In describing these as origami crowns, I use the term fairly loosely; in truth they involve folding single sheets of paper once and then simply slotting them together.  You could do it with one hand whilst saving the world with the other.  I have tried my very best to make this look beautiful and difficult, but in fact it is great fun and one of those rewarding things where you can feel like a genius with very little skill involved. IMG_2508

I used this origami paper because I love the vibrant colours; any paper will do though, as long as it is square (try cutting squares of gift-wrap, or even newspaper for stylishly undone look…)

Take a sheet of origami paper and fold it in half to form a triangle.  Repeat. Slot the triangle into the fold of the first sheet, and carry on, as below…

Making an origami paper crown

When you get to the end (use your head to measure roughly how many pieces you need), simply tuck the last triangle into the first one to complete the circle.  The crowns should be sturdy enough to hold their own shape, especially if you push them together tightly, but you can always add a dab of glue into each fold to fix them permanently into shape.  This is useful if your birthday person is young enough (or old enough, or tipsy enough) to be likely to drop it on the floor and tread on it, or sit on it.

It doesn’t matter which way you fit the triangles together (inside or outside of each other, or alternating) – fitting them together in the same direction gives the smooth striped effect of the crown below:

Origami paper crownOr you can fold the triangles in half again to create a more angled, regal look like this:Pointed origami crownEvery member of the family looks good in these, so don’t let anyone try to convince you that they are too regal to wear a paper party hat.IMG_2289

Good Luck!

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